Army Ants

Army Ants

army ants
Army ants have long, pointed, lower jaws (mandibles) and 6 six legs attached to an elongated body that usually ranges anywhere from a dull brown to a deep shade of gold.

How do army ants communicate?
Contrast to all other types of ants and insects in general, army ants only each have a single eye instead of two. Their communication is largely based on chemical signals when they release a compound known as pheromones when they rub their abdomen on the ground. This lets the other ants know of a need food or maybe a call for back up in danger.

Typically, an army any colony has over a million ants which include soliders, worked and one queen they they work for and protect. What does the queen do? Well, she lays eggs the entire day while the soldiers are defednding and attacking any threat that might come near them (or her). The worker ants forage and some of them mind the queen’s eggs.

What do army ants eat?
Army ants feed on other insects and also will sometimes capture prey much bigger than them such as lizards, birds, and even pigs if the have a large enough group organize for a kill.

Army ants are known to eat upwards of 100 thousand insects in just one day, so these humongous appetite cause them to migrate, unlike other ants, and form temporary nests in other locations while they find more food.

Where do army ants live?
Army ants are also unique in the way that their nests are built. The nests are actually walls of the ants themselves and they are formed in a way to protect the queen and her eggs, yet still allow room through corridors for the daily work to be done.

Army Ants

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