What is a Crazy Ant?

Crazy and Picture

A Crazy Ant or Tawny Crazy Ant is also called a Rasberry Ant, named after a Texas Exterminator Tom Rasberry.  Tom was responsible for discovering the ant problem in 2002.

Below are some recent resources I gathered on the recent discovery of a new Crazy Ant.  The ant actually gathers around and in electronic equipment like computers.  A recent study in Texas found that the Crazy Ants are displacing Fire Ants.

Scientists have had trouble identifying this ant as a species due to confusion regarding the taxonomy of the genus, but it has now been identified asNylanderia fulva.[6] This ant is closely related to Nylanderia pubens, the Caribbean crazy ant;[7] however, unlike its cousin, it comes from Brazil and Argentina.

Here is a fantastic identification and information resource at Texas A&M.
Originally from : https://urbanentomology.tamu.edu/urban-pests/ants/rasberry/

New Ant Species Arrives With a Taste for Electronics, Scientists Say – ABC News

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ABC News – A New Ant Species Arrives With a Taste for Electronics, Scientists Say there’s a new player on the continent and it is spreading damage from Texas to Florida in a scary assault that sounds like a really bad movie. “Crazy” ants on the mar …Crazy Rasberry Ants

Invasion of crazy ants in Houston,Tx Here’s a link to another video I found of the ants invading a …

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Fire Ants & Crazy Ants Presentation

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Piles & Piles Of Caribbean Crazy Ants in Tampa, FL

Great video of an infestation of Crazy Ants

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