Natural Ant Killer

Natural Ant Killer eBook

Natural Ant Killer

So your looking for a Natural ant killer ebook are you?  There are so chemical pesticides in our local stores these days that many of us just assume these products are what works best.  But in reality, there are many green, natural and safe alternatives which do just as good a job or better.  So I’m here today to show you one natural ant killer that really works.  It works so good that it should kill carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants and many other species of ants.

Organic Ant Killer Recipe

I want you to try using instant grits to kill your pesky ants today.  That’s right, go to your store and buy one (72) ounce box of instant grits or two of the Quaker Super Family Size (36 oz.) instant grits. Grits are a dry, very small white corn bit that expands and softens when boiled in water.  Grits are a common food item in the south and can be found in most southern style diners, especially ones that serve breakfast but people around the country are finding the great uses and taste of grits.

However, you are not going to boil these grits, they only work if kept dry. This method works best if you can find the ant nest or mounds and sprinkle the instant grits all around the ant mounds. If rain is expected or the ground is wet, you should avoid using this treatment, because when the grits get wet, they will expand and no longer work to kill ants. The grits need to stay dry, so that after the ants eat them, then the grits will expand in the ants stomach’s and kill them creating a natural ant killer..

Application Instructions

Grab your instant grits and begin by walking the yard or area where you are having an ant problem.  At every dirt mound you find, pour a generous portion of instant grits around each ant dirt mound and then leave the area undisturbed. It really is that easy.

Do not dampen or wet the instant grits before or after the application. Use this technique only on clear sunny days, because it is very important to keep the instant grits dry before and after use or application.

Grits will not kill ants on contact like your store’s commercial pesticides do.  They work best if given 24 to 48 hours of exposure, this is because grits are not toxic or poisonous and they need time to expand inside the ant. You should see results beginning within the first twenty-four hours and within forty-eight hours the ant colony should be completely destroyed.  This natural ant killing tip is best advised to use only outdoors and on dry, sunny days.


Avoid the use of instant grits around ducks and geese.  Ducks and geese cannot release the gases created by the grits and the grits can also expand inside their stomach just like the ants and cause death.  It’s a good idea to prevent any of your pets from eating the grits.

Shirley William,

Natural Ant Killer