What Do Ants Eat?

What Do Ants Eat

What Do Ants Eat
Haven’t you wondered what so many tiny insects are actually rummaging for in your kitchen when they make their way into your home and frantically race around like their looking for something in particular?  So what do ants eat?

Even if you haven’t seen them in your kitchen, you might have had an infestation of some kind in another area of your house, garage, or shed, and wondered hat these little pesky insects are feeding on.

First, there are many different types of ants and not all of them feed on the same things.
For instance, on type of ant, named the Harvester, collects seeds and stores them for later.
There’s another type of ant name the Leaf-cutter that uses a method of growing fungus to feed on. Some ants even have their on distinct way of eating their food, like the Dalmatie, who is able to actually cook it’s food by chewing it to form patties, spit them out, and then let them bake in the sun before chowing down.

The types of ants we see the most though, are perfectly happy to terrorize your kitchen and hunt down anything you might have left lying around for guests. Their favorite thing to consume from your kitchen is anything you might have spilled that is sweet. Ants will get a ton of energy from our sweet food, and usually will get protein by eating other insects.

So, how do they satisfy their sweet tooth when they’re not eating up the small grains of sugar, or the crumbs from your 3 year old’s cinnamon bun? In a rather interesting, yet disgusting, way, ants will milk other insects using their antennae to force them to secret honeydew.

Also, colonies of some types of ants have workers with two stomachs. One stomach is to give themselves energy, and the other stomach is to store food for the non-worker ants in the colony. The worker ant will vomit from the second stomach to allow the others to eat.


Keep your kitchen clean if you don’t want ants eating your sugar and vomiting for their friends. 😉

What Do Ants Eat

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  1. samuel egbe says:

    Good work. BUT i have a question and it goes like this where do ants store their food? Thanks

  2. megan says:

    @samuel egbe the ants take the food back to the nest and store it there 🙂 im doing a project on ants at school thanks for the information 🙂

  3. michelle says:

    thank you for the information, i’m doing a experiment on ants (:

  4. Nasrin says:

    What type of ants are found most common in homes and what kind of food do they generally eat?

  5. Antonio says:

    Thanks for the information,but can you add some please.??

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