What Is An Ant Farm?

Ant Farm

Basically, an ant farm is an artificial ant colony that is confined, and man made. Humans have long been fascinated with the organization and extremely structured life of ant colonies.

In most cases glass is used on either one side or both as the point of having an ant farm is usually to observe the ants regular activity. Ant farms can be without a lid as well, although it’s recommended to have one. If there is no lid, vaseline can be used along the rim to stop ants from escaping. Another good thing to consider, especially if the owner is an amateur with his or her first ant farm, is to not use potentially harmful ants such as Harvesters or Fire Ants that can sting, bit, and even cause serious allergic reactions and life threatening complications.

So, where do you get the ants? If you are getting them yourself, the best way to find them is to look under dried wood in and around around the yard. If you can’t find any, luring ants to you is usually not a problem. Simple pour a little sweet syrup that you have in your kitchen and wait for them to arrive.

Although an ant farm is almost always busy and quite active regardless of the number of ants and what type you have, it will last longer and be even more active if you can manage to find and capture a queen. If you really want a queen and a long lasting ant farm, but can’t find one, you can always order one. The same goes for the other ants for the colony. If you don’t want to go find them yourself, you can simple pay for them.

Feeding the ants is basically the same as luring them for capture. You can feed the, syrup, crumbs from leftover food, or dead insects. If you forget to feed ants, they won’t die  of starvation, but they do need water to survive. An ant farm is always to be kept moist and out of the the sun so that the ants can have a regular source of water.  You will also want to make sure that you do not have too much water and flood the ant colony by mistake.

Ant farms can be interesting and fun, but be sure to pay attention to them. If you lose interest, then just let the ants go free and back to their business in your backyard.

How To Make an Ant Farm